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About Health in Ghana

Sources: Drislane et al., 2014, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine and The Ghana Health Service, 2013

Ghana is located in West Africa and has a population of about 25 million people. Although the country has experienced economic growth, poverty rates remain high in the northern rural regions where the two thirds of the population reside.  In these regions, there are limited healthcare resources and higher incidence of disease and early death. Maternal and infant mortality rates are high and deadly infectious diseases are rampant, particularly malaria. Ghana is one of the countries most impacted by glaucoma, which appears to be increasingly affecting younger people, and there are over 700,000 in the country who are blind or visually impaired. Distance and travel barriers prevent access to city-based hospitals for the majority living in the rural regions of the country. For a detailed medical report on the country, please click here.


Our Ghana mission project will provide medical supplies and equipment for rural health clinics and eye health supplies to a team of doctors carrying out the mission of World Sight to improve or restore vision to thousands in need. You can learn about World Sight and their mission here:


With your donations, we can help to send health and hope to a country in great need of assistance!