Long known for our crucial and robust international aid, the SOS International Program is committed to advancing global health by meeting critical healthcare needs in impoverished communities around the world.

SOS International Health Program has impacted lives in over 106 countries outside the U.S. by sending an average of 60+ shipments per year of critical medical supplies and equipment to overseas medical partners serving families, children and the elderly in poverty-stricken and war-torn communities.  

The international team works directly with the recipient organizers and medical staff, packing each shipment with critical and life-saving medical and human welfare supplies and equipment from obstetrics to orthopedics to general surgery. Unique to SOS is our strategic collaborative approach that creates a comprehensive response to create a more sustainable impact. We have built a network of humanitarian partner organizations to ensure that each shipment sent by SOS contains any additional health resources needed, such as medications, safe water cleaning equipment and nutrition supplies.

International Health Program Impact per Year:

  • 300,000 lives saved or improved by our mission annually.
  • Over $3 million in critical medical resources shipped worldwide annually
  • 500,000 pounds diverted from local landfills & water supply annually
  • Hundreds of international hospitals and clinics equipped to provide medical treatment to, children, the elderly, and mothers and newborns.
  • Over $300,000 in medical supplies provided to medical mission teams annually.
  • Delivering Emergency Disaster Relief: Millions of critically needed medical/first aid supplies delivered to save, heal and protect victims each year.

Impact Areas

Container Shipments: Supports Medical Facilities & Clinics: SOS provides medical supplies and equipment plus food and water resources to many communities in regions of Africa, South America, and other countries to help develop or sustain their healthcare facilities.

What SOS is doing in Sierra Leone

“We have pleas for help every day”

Hearing about the number of children dying from preventable causes in the village of Madina, Sierra Leone, SOS was moved to action. Village leaders tell us “We couldn’t build a hospital without SOS. We needed your expertise, experience, and organization, as well as the equipment. SOS support will have a huge impact on our efforts to decrease our record high maternal death rate during (child) birth, and the tragically high infant mortality rate. Bless SOS for being there for us. It will make a life and death difference for (our) people, we know.”

Emergency Response: SOS remains “response-ready” for when the next call for help comes.

What SOS did to help the victims natural disasters

In August 2021, SOS shipped 13,000 pounds of critically needed disaster relief to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Then, Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans, and within 24 hours, SOS has already prepared and shipped a humanitarian response to supply a team of medical personnel $10,000 worth of dressings, gloves, hand sanitizer and other first aid supplies to help protect and save lives!

These back-to-back humanitarian responses are at opposite ends of the spectrum but each are equally important. From a quick response to help our neighbors in New Orleans to a more intense process in Haiti of assessing needs with our partners and officials on the ground including, preparing supplies identified as crucial to the specific circumstances, and organizing rapid deployment, each initiative proves our agility, precision and speed in delivering a targeted response that meets the needs of the communities impacted.

SOS International Program Shipping Options

Container Program

SOS ships sea-going cargo containers to medical facilities around the world.

If you are a representative of an overseas community that would like to be considered for a container shipment, please download, complete and email this form to the address provided. Once the approval process is complete, SOS will provide a list of current inventory of supplies and equipment so the receiving organization can select the items that best meet their needs. A typical container holds 6 – 8 tons of supplies and equipment conservatively valued at $150,000-$350,000

Hand Carry Program

SOS provides suitcase quantities of medical supplies for travelers.

SOS Hand Carry Program allows medical relief workers and medical mission teams undertaking short-term work abroad to visit SOS’s Medical Team Store and collect needed supplies and equipment that can be carried with them in their luggage. A donation of $100 is requested for the first 50 pounds of supplies and equipment, and an additional donation of $2/pound is requested for any supplies and equipment beyond the first 50 pounds.

Approved applicants come to the SOS warehouse to pick out their supplies for their trip. Please keep in mind that the Medical Team Store has a limited supply of items available due to its size. If you need to take more than 100 lbs. of supplies, large quantities of very specific items, rare items, or are unable to come to the SOS warehouse- check out our Custom Box Program. Hand Carry Application & Order Form

Custom Box Program

For medical teams who cannot visit the SOS Medical Team Store to assemble a hand-carry, SOS packs and ships custom boxes. Boxes can be shipped domestically or internationally – the initiating organization is responsible for shipping costs. Custom Box Application & Order Form

Pallet Shipment Program

For groups planning large-scale projects, or for clinics and hospitals abroad in need of supplies, SOS offers pallets of medical supplies. Depending on its contents, each pallet typically holds $5,000-$15,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment.  A donation of $1,000 per pallet is requested for a prepackaged, presorted pallet. A donation of $2,500 is requested for a custom built pallet. The initiating organization is responsible for paying shipping costs. SOS can arrange shipping domestically or internationally. Custom Pallet Application and Order Form