Monthly Report of Recycled Supplies and Equipment

Thank you to our partners for recycling surplus medical supplies and equipment with SOS. Below is the updated monthly report of the supplies and equipment your organization donated by weight and value (there are two pages in each excel document). Click the links below to open excel sheets with information that you can use for your Community Benefit report, Green Team data, or internal communications to encourage recycling or to celebrate how your efforts are taking your mission of healing beyond the walls of your building.

2019 Donations:

2018 Donations:

2017 Donations:


Recycling Reminder

Remember:  SOS takes expired dry medical supplies.  Expired items are either reprocessed so that they can be sent to communities in need.  If they cannot be used for human health, SOS shares them with medical and nursing schools to be used in the classroom.  We even share these supplies with our veterinarians and animal welfare groups.

Donations we accept

Equipment Upgrades

Is your organization planning an equipment upgrade? Sometimes medical equipment sales reps want to take the replacement equipment.  Remind them that your organization partners with SOS and that you want to donate the replacement equipment to SOS.  The company will be able to write off the donation and your organization will be given credit for the poundage donated.