SOS improves global health and the environment through recovery and redistribution of surplus medical donations.


The Waste

Hospitals in the United States generate nearly 6 million TONS in medical surplus each year. A large portion of this surplus consists of unused and “under-used” medical supplies and equipment.


The Environment

An estimated 12.6 million deaths each year are attributed to unhealthy environments. – World Health Organization, 6/2/2018.


What We Do

SOS is a Louisville, Kentucky-based Medical Surplus Recovery Organization (MSRO), one of just fifteen organizations of its kind across the United States, and the only organization of its type in the immediate region and one of six accredited in the U.S.

As an MSRO, SOS is committed to responsibly recovering, sorting, and distributing unused, leftover, and “under-used” medical supplies and medical equipment.

Typically once medical donation materials have been thoroughly sorted, SOS loads those materials into a 40 ft. sea-going container and ships them out to a medically impoverished community. In addition, last year alone we provided more than 107 medical mission teams with the supplies they need in order to treat under-served patients around the world.

Over the years we have recovered more than one million pounds of usable medical supplies and equipment from landfills, and in so doing brought health and hope to medically impoverished communities in 105 countries, including the United States.