was founded in 1993 by Dr. Norton Waterman and members of the Greater Louisville Medical Society (GLMS) as a response to the waste created by Louisville’s medical system.

According to Dr. Waterman, “Perfectly good bandages, cloth operating gowns, towels and sutures were being thrown out. Good instruments were discarded because of recent improvements, regulations or changes in popularity.”

Since 1993, SOS has saved more than one million pounds of medical supplies and equipment from landfills, and delivered health and hope to medically impoverished communities in 105 countries, including the United States.

For most of its history, SOS operated as a program of the Greater Louisville Medical Society Foundation. However, in 2010 SOS became an independent nonprofit — representing a major inflection point for the organization.

Since 2010, SOS’s ability to positively impact the environment while improving global health has grown precipitously:

We are extending our reach across Kentucky and into neighboring states; We are building long-term relationships in countries like Ghana, Ecuador, Kenya, and Phillipines; And with each quarter we are able to grow the quantity of medical supplies and equipment that we save from landfills.

SOS’s history is the story of how one physician’s vision put into action managed to save HUNDREDS of TONS of usable materials from landfills while delivering health and hope to myriad communities in great need of both.

Moving forward, we hope to continue to grow our impact. SOS’s future is about all of us working together to create a healthier planet and a healthier world.

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