Health and Hope are Headed to Togo!
Health and Hope are Headed to Togo!

Health and Hope are Headed to Togo!

This afternoon SOS shipped out the first of two 40 ft. cargo containers headed to the West African country of Togo. The second container goes out Friday.

The majority of the medical supplies and equipment will go to a hospital that is being built in Mango, Togo–a small city in the far north of the country. Currently people living in the area have to travel eight hours by car in order to access medical care. Health care, and the piece of mind and dignity it provides, are simply out of reach for many Togolese.

This new hospital will serve approximately 20,000 patients per year, and provide health and hope to people living in northern Togo, the Republic of Benin, and Ghana, as well as the people of southern Burkina Faso. 

A portion of the supplies will be transferred to Hôpital Baptiste Biblique (HBB), a hospital in Tsiko, Togo that serves people living in the southern region of the country.Dr. Kelly Farber, who spent part of her career with Lousiville’s Kosair Children’s Hospital, now works with Hôpital Baptiste Biblique.

Dr. Farber thanked all the hospitals, donors, and volunteers who make SOS’s work on this project possible.

“Being able to get supplies at low or no cost makes hospitals like ours possible–hospitals who are willing to be where people are without care… They feel forgotten and you are letting them know they are remembered.

Donated surplus supplies and equipment for these shipments came from Baptist Health, KentuckyOne, Norton Healthcare, TriHealth, and others.
Health and Hope for Togo

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