Local Donations Make an Impact in the Classroom

The hope we are able to provide to children is not only offered overseas, but available right here at home. For a variety of reasons, some medical donations we receive cannot be shipped overseas. Instead of going to waste, we search for creative ways for them to be used in our community. In March we partnered with JCPS to provide supplies to art classes in our local schools. Retired teacher and artist Debbie Shannon took over 300 pounds of supplies and used them for art projects at Lincoln Performing Arts School!


Due to budget cuts, it has fallen on Louisville’s nonprofits to provide quality services for our community. We are proud to impact the education of students and provide them with tools to hone their creative strengths.¬†Just as a child in Uganda can become an integral part of 21st century Africa when given the right opportunities, so too can a child in Louisville create positive change in the world when given the right opportunities.

If you are interested in receiving donated items for your school, please send an email to admin@suppliesoverseas.org.

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