Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been in the global news cycle for the past two weeks. With over 40,000 infected throughout China, the ability to respond to a viral outbreak has been a burden to the Chinese healthcare system.

SOS is joining in the relief effort to assist medical workers in mainland China. This week, we sent a large container shipment to Shanghai, China to help medical workers contain the outbreak spreading across Southeast Asia. With our partnership with UPS, our medical shipment of masks, surgical gowns and personal protection gear was flown directly to Shanghai to deliver these items where they are most needed. Our shipment included over 65,000 antiviral masks – an item crucial to protecting medical providers and community members – as well as thousands of medical coveralls and protective eye gear. This shipment arrived in China on Wednesday, February 13th we will keep you up to date on the coronavirus outbreak as it unfolds.



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