SOS supplies reach Birbiriet.
SOS supplies reach Birbiriet.

SOS supplies reach Birbiriet.

University of Louisville graduate Wesley Korir placed fifth in this past year’s Boston Marathon, after winning the race in 2012. This past March Wesley was elected to the Kenyan National Assembly. But if all that isn’t impressive enough…

Earlier this year Korir partnered with SOS to ship a full 40-foot container of medical supplies to Wesley’s hometown in Birbiriet, near Kitale in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Wesley and his wife, Tara McKay, are working with their charity, Kenyan Kids Foundation, to establish the town’s first health clinic.

Late last month, that container arrived at its destination. With the arrival of this one shipment–all supplies and equipment that would otherwise be in landfills–Birbiriet’s new health clinic has become one of the best equipped medical facilities in all of  Kenya!
According to Korir, “Most hospitals here are just buildings (with) no equipment at all, and I have heard testimonies of people losing their lives after arriving at the hospitals or dispensaries because the doctors cannot help because of lack of proper equipment.” 
Korir offered his thanks to the donors who made the shipment possible: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping make my dream come true!”

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