Earth Day 2020 – A Message From SOS
Earth Day 2020 – A Message From SOS

Earth Day 2020 – A Message From SOS

“Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.” – Wendell Berry

The impact SOS has created on local health has never been more important than during these times of COVID-19. Although our Local Donation Program donates more than $800,000 in health resources to our local community per year, we have donated that much in just 10 weeks as we help protect caregivers, healthcare workers and emergency responders.

As we celebrate the 50th Earth Day today, it strikes me that the importance of the environmental impact of the SOS mission is more keenly felt this year than any in recent memory. As we work from home, our breaks are not taken at the communal coffee machine, but rather by a walk around our yard. Many people have said getting outside is the way they decompress. By the birds chirping in the background, I know some who are taking their conference calls in the great outdoors. Our earth right now is the source of calm and mental balance for many of us as we navigate life during this crisis. Our lives have slowed down, and we have more time to appreciate the beauty of our world. The shutdown has led to reports of greatly reduced air pollution. Sunny skies are being enjoyed over areas typically experiencing the effects of industry and automobile generating smog. One can almost hear the earth sighing a breath of relief.

Life as it stands now is not sustainable. The stay at home orders will be lifted soon, businesses will reopen, office buildings will fill and traffic on the roads will reappear. But maybe we can take some positive lessons out of this forced stall of life. Let us remember the gifts the earth gave to us with her beauty and peacefulness during these times of stress, and sorrow for some, and do our best to appreciate and protect her.

With your support, the important work of SOS that keeps surplus medical supplies out of our landfills and finds means by which they can save and improve lives will continue to grow. Together we will protect our environment and keep the earth healthy and beautiful! Happy Earth Day from all of us at SOS.

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