Our mission is to provide proper medical care to under-served communities around the world. In order to do that, we send medical donations of supplies and equipment to hospitals across four continents. Part of this mission also involves our student leaders in our own community. We meet students from local school who tell us they want to enter the medical field but are unsure of the route they would like to take. We engage these students by presenting our work at their schools and having them volunteer with us!

Recently, we joined Sacred Heart Academy for their Sophomore Day of Service. We spent the morning presenting our mission to over 75 students where they got an understanding of the availability gap in healthcare around the world. Later that day, students helped us sort exam gloves for our next shipment to a hospital in the Caribbean!
Our team was blown away by the energy and passion these young women brought into their Day of Service! Many students told us they want to pursue a career in healthcare to address the inequity of medical care available at home and abroad. Our team left Sacred Heart knowing that the future of global health is in capable hands!

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