For over 25 years, SOS has been transforming healthcare in communities around the world. In the last few years we have begun to put equal priority on transforming our own community. In June we were able to donate $50,000 worth of medical supplies not eligible for international shipping to organizations right here in Louisville!

SOS donates supplies to local art teachers and science instructors every month but in June we announced our formal partnership with JCPS! We donated over 1,000 lbs of lab supplies to be used in K-8 science classrooms for the upcoming school year. JCPS science curriculum encourages hands-on classwork that allows students to get educational experiences outside of typical textbook learning. As you can imagine, this requires lots of hands-on materials.

For a variety of reason, some items received by SOS cannot be shipped overseas. We constantly look for proactive ways that these supplies can be used in our own community and partnering with JCPS created an innovative solution. Included in our donation were items such as test tubes, glass slides and other lab materials that allow science teachers to expand their teaching capacity throughout the school year. In an era of budget cuts in the school system, SOS is proud to support the education for the next generation of leaders.

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