Rethinking trash to save lives (Infographic)
Rethinking trash to save lives (Infographic)

Rethinking trash to save lives (Infographic)

Can America’s surplus medical supplies benefit children overseas? Can unused medical supplies help up to 6 million children around the world gain access to medical care? Yes! Not only will these 6 million children gain medical care access, but many of the children who are at risk of death before their 5th birthday will survive because of our surplus of medical supplies.

Often, usable supplies no longer meet with American medical regulations and standards. These supplies are still valuable and can be gathered for much needed use overseas.

Medical Surplus Recovery Organizations (MSRO’s) like SOS do just this. We partner up with hospitals, medical institutions, and other individuals to divert these anti-regulatory supplies from landfills to help out impoverished communities.

Rethinking Trash to Save Lives

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