SOS in the Bahamas – Day 2 Update
SOS in the Bahamas – Day 2 Update

SOS in the Bahamas – Day 2 Update

Update from SOS CEO Denise Sears:

I toured the eastern part of Grand Bahama which received the most damage. Many houses are leveled and fires are springing up which could pose a serious threat. The public hospital will not be able to open before end of the year. One of the wings has been condemned for mold. Just as we got there today for a tour, everyone was ordered out of the building. The plan at this point is to place several free standing modules to put on the property to provide some services and work on building a new hospital.

We will be working with them to furnish the modules and later on the hospital. Most of the items sent on our container will be held at the Rotary storage facility until the modules are in place. As clinics are able to reopen they can appropriately distribute some of the supplies now. A few of the beds will be given to the infirmary set up by an NGO which is helping contain a major oil spill caused by #HurricaneDorian.

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