Our team is on the ground assessing damage from #HurricaneDorian and creating plans for our continuing relief efforts to the Bahamian people. Here’s the update from our CEO Denise Sears:

“I arrived in the Bahamas yesterday. The runway at the Freeport airport is open but all of the hangers and terminal are destroyed. My first stop was at warehouse where our container was parked. There was a pallet of wheelchairs that came separately…they have been distributed.

This island still had not recovered from Hurricane Matthew [in 2016]. The unemployment rate is 24% and many who work only have part-time jobs making the real unemployment rate much higher.

I am visiting Rand Memorial Hospital today. Word is it will be condemned. [There is a] possibility of temporarily converting an empty hotel {into a medical facility], working with the private clinics to get public services, etc. Today we will also be visiting some of the small health clinics to assess their needs [and see how our follow-up shipment will be used] until the hospital situation is resolved.”

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