Changing lives in the DRC
Changing lives in the DRC

Changing lives in the DRC

This past July, Pat McEachron, RN, took a group of her students from Bellarmine University’s Lansing School of Nursing on a trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic, where they spent a week delivering healthcare to the underserved using supplies collected from the SOS warehouse.

According to Pat, “We were in the poorest of neighborhoods in and around Santiago Dominican Republic. The supplies we obtained from SOS helped us perform  nutritional physical assessments on ~270 children–about 100 children more than last year. We dressed wounds in the field and helped supply the free clinic run by GO Ministries with much-needed medical supplies. Health promotion teaching was provided to both adults and children. Visual aides were translated into Spanish and taught via a translator.  The students looked at environmental and cultural issues that affect health… They did an awesome job despite heat, humidity and long working days.”

Several of Pat’s students shared their reactions to visiting the SOS warehouse and providing care to the people of Santiago.

“This experience completely transformed my opinion of working with a community agency. I was challenged and pushed to my limits every day. I grew as both a nurse and a person. This experience has changed my life. For the first time in a long time, I think I know what peace inside yourself fells like.”      -Shannon McKenna

2014 bellarmine drc collage

“What I did experience was a warmth and love for the culture. I so enjoyed how loving and open the people and children were. While the conditions they live in are sad, I find more in their life to envy than to pity.”     -Theresa Randall


“I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. It is so rewarding when a child would respond back despite the language barrier. Our mission tip is not over after the week.”   – Amy Brutscher


“I learned to be culturally competent nurse. This means that you try your best to understand and respect someone else’s culture.”   -Brianna Leahy


“I know that this experience will forever change my life and it is something that I will never forget. These people have touched me and changed me and I hope I have done the same for them”   -Jordon Nolley


“Amazing does not describe my trip to SOS. I walked in and my mouth dropped. This facility had everything you could imagine. As we gathered supplies for people in need it just warmed my heart. Still not realizing the impact were about to make. My expectations have been far, my comfort level went out the window, my desire to serve skyrocketed. You will never experience something like in your life again, embrace it. ”     -Kristina Woosley


“It’s hard to explain in words how this trip has impacted me, but I am definitely a changed person. I think what stood out to me most was seeing the conditions they live in, and what little they have, yet their hearts are so full of love and happiness. The trip has not only impacted my nursing career, it has impacted my whole life.”   -Taylor Fuller

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