Tackling Health Disparities at Home and Around the World
Tackling Health Disparities at Home and Around the World

Tackling Health Disparities at Home and Around the World

SOS has been addressing health inequities globally for 25 years. Globally, the largest group experiencing social disadvantage are women and children.
This year SOS is piloting a Maternal and Child Health Initiative. This initiative was designed to empower women in communities around the world by creating the access to the medical care they need. We have supplied a health and education center for young mothers in Sierra Leone and the first medical facility of it’s kind in rural Uganda. These steps to provide health and education will improve lives and transform the entire region.
Limited access to medical care and education plague our own community as well. This month SOS announces the West Louisville Initiative as a core component of our Local Health Program. As part of this Initiative, SOS has partnered with the Black Community Development Corporation, Central High School and Family Health Center to bring medical care and healthcare education to multiple neighborhoods across West Louisville. Over the next few months, we will share stories of individuals at each of these organizations that are fighting to improve lives. From students to senior citizens, our dynamic donations create avenues of change across the city. The West Louisville Initiative is a collaboration between SOS and West Louisville organizations to create transfomational change and enhance the quality of life for everyone.
To learn more about health disparities, please click here.

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